Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Neutral Walk Cycle 01


This week we are concentrating on walk cycles, or more specifically neutral walk cycles. A neutral walk cycle is one without emotion, gender, weight or anything that might suggest something about a character. It is to be a textbook this-is-how-a-human-walks walk, if you know what I mean, and boy is it harder than it looks.

As a basis, Sharon (our lovely module leader) gave us this little chap as our non-descript human:

Timing is tricky with a walk cycle, and it can be really frustrating when you realise you've missed something and have to go back and rework a frame. It takes time but you do eventually get there. So far I have him keyframed, as in I have drawn the most important positions in the movement, and I have just started to inbetween, literally fill in all the frames inbetween the keyframes. In every second there are 25 frames, and an average, average, average person's walk cycle is usually about a second long (about 12 frames a step to keep it at nice round numbers). Within a step there are four important keyframes: contact, down, passing and up. In each set of 12 frames these each happen once, meaning there is a keyframe then two inbetweens before another keyframe.

The .avi is the keyframes of my skeleton, and you can see that even without the inbetweens, it's okay for a rudimentary walk. When I can I will upload the individual drawings of which keyframe is which and provide a better explanation of what happens at each stage.


Tomorrow I will hopefully have the inbetweens in which will help it flow and look a little more realistic.

Till then.

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