Monday, October 5, 2009

Emotional Walk 01 - The Design


Another week begins and it begins with Photoshop! Hurrah! Learned some new tricks in class and even went as far as getting the old wacom out of the box after its long stint in hibernation. I've literally spent the entire day working on my character (<--------) and I've just right this very minute finished colouring him in. I am very pleased with how he's turned out so far.

The original drawing was scanned in and I copied/morphed him into what he is now using wacomface. I didn't have high hopes regarding my tablet talent but I am pleasantly surprised! He is still missing a leg, and if you look closely you can see his right arm through his belt (working on it!), but overall I am proud.

Tomorrow I'll be learning After Effects and I should, by the end of this week, have him in the beginnings of a walk cycle. Fingers crossed. Right now I have to cut him up into pieces so he is ready to be animated. A couple more hours work yet I think then I will be done. Or at least I sincerely hope so. Till tomorrow!

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