Sunday, October 4, 2009

Group Crit: Neutral Walk Cycle

Hallo :D

Neutral walk cycle group crit was on Thursday, shortly followed by our new project brief, which I'll get onto in a second. Shown first was my skeleton from two posts ago who received quite a good response. The only things I needed to tweek were to add more follow-through on his hands and maybe loosen up the body a bit because it was quite rigid. Then Came Mr. Mannequin of Death, which again got quite a reasonable reception! Overall it was critiqued as "a very strong attemp" and with a few corrections he'll be spot on. They were:

  • there's a snap in his knee when the weight comes down onto it. Some people liked it, some people were not sure if it was realistic. Maybe something to look at.
  • there's a strange angle on the shoulders (which was one of those things that was staring right at me but I couldn't see it - the benefits of group crits!), I have to bring the furthest shoulder down to it doesn't look like he's walking at a tilt.
  • there's leg shrinkage which I kinda already knew about but didn't have time to fix before the crit.
  • the waist is off model. Instead of an hourglass shape it should be more paralleled convex in shape (if that makes sense).
  • the arms are a little long (he looks a little ape like) and they need to be shortened just a bit.
  • more follow-through on the hands.
So I have a little work to do. I don't know if it would be easier starting again with this one or working from the model I already have. There are somethings that I really like from the model, but things like the growing/shrinking of the legs I think I might just start over with. Probably save more time.

But yes, overall I was quite happy with it. There are some very strong animators coming through, which is getting me a little competitive (good thing? bad thing? I dunno yet). For the walk cycles I would say Tom Paxton had a very strong walk. He literally channeled his own walk into the drawings which was pretty cool and very impressive. In life drawing on Friday afternoon I noticed David Gorman (not THE David Gorman) has a spectacular drawing ability. For 5 minute poses he had full body drawings AND amazing face detail, where I was struggling to get down to the ankles in time! Then there's Lynsey Schaschke who draws how I want to draw!! It's like she's mixed Disney with Steven Silver and made beautiful, beautiful drawings! I'd like her talent now please thank you!

Right, new paragraph. New project: emotional walk. This week we learn After Effects!! We are to create a character, upload them onto After Effects in bits (i.e. arms spereate from hands, legs seperate from body, etc) and then animate them doing emotional walk cycles! Apparently it's like Photoshop mixed with Flash so it's going to be quite fun to learn. I might have to get myself a copy. We shall see.

But yes, this is all I have to say for today really. I did want to quickly add a note about a most awesome 4th year project I just came across on the VLE (virtual learning environment). Her name is Meg Park and she's doing a short film called Kahani about a boy and his dog searching his backyard wilderness for the one who's been destroying his toys. The culprit turns out to be a huge man-eating tiger and they have to find a way of defeating him. Her work so far is BEAUTIFUL and the animatic is quite simply the most awesome and inspiring thing! It really makes me want to work harder and get better! Being surrounded by such creative people is possibly the best thing to encourage you to do more. That and Steve Jobs. Man that guy is inspiration.

So onto work I go. Next post most likely will be character development (uploaded with the help of my new scanner!!) Until then.

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