Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Punk Walk 02

Haven't been blogging much of recent because, to be honest, I haven't really done much this week! I seem to have had very little drive for some reason and I've struggled to just get my head down and focus on work. It has been a busy week though, and out of it all I do have the beginning of the completion of my punk walk After Effects project - yey!

Here he is so far...


I went back to the beginning with this one. The most important changes with him were that I broke his feet to allow them to bend when he walks, and I re-scaled everything so he fit onto a 1024x576 screen (before he was something like 3006x2379 which was stupid). This one also has a background! Hurrah for moving backgrounds!! There is also a ghetto blaster which will appear during his walk and this will be the enzyme that changes his mood.

Last week I spent 2 hours working on my ghetto blaster and backgrounds, making them tileable and looking good and what-not, and low-and-behold Photoshop (the devil that it is!) decides to "close unexpectedly" without me having saved. Let's just say I was not happy. Not a happy chappy at all. So I angrily chalked this background up in half the time so it's quite plain, but thankfully I think it still works quite well. I only really have a day and abit to go until group crit so I want to get it done and out of the way, cause on Thursday we are getting introduced to Mr. Flour Sack himself! Really, really exciting stuff!

We do have a holiday interlude next week though before we really get our teeth in, but this is good. I'm going to use the time wisely to catch up. I don't want it to come to December and try and get everything done in a big panic. That would be silly.

Right. Let's get this uploaded and tomorrow I will begin again.

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