Saturday, October 24, 2009

Punk Walk 3: Punk With a Vengeance


Punk hates to walk. No, that's a lie, he hates to do anything other than the one walk I've got him doing. Stupid punk.

This has been a week of not doing very much and regretting that I have done so little. I have, however, been occupied with family and overly-long boat trips to actually be in front of a computer to get work done, and now I need to cram. Punk is due in for assessment on Monday (26th October) before 3 o'clock so he needs to be done soon. Preferably tonight so I can do something else that isn't After Effects related.

I've decided, through this experience, that I am little lousy at straight ahead animation. See if I had the key poses of my punk's walk all laid out in front of me and I knew exactly what he was doing I would be fine and this would have been completed days ago. I think it's because I just went for it without actually thinking anything through that I am now struggling with him. Overall, for me, "winging it" is not a good idea. This I shall have to ensure I remedy before I do anything else with a two week deadline.

Well here he is so far...


I am off to fix him some more.

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