Tuesday, October 6, 2009

See Punk Walk. Walk Punk Walk.

Hells yeah I got Mr. Punk to walk today!


He's not uber high quality but you get the picture. If there was any way it could be looped you'd see the awesome shoulder action and head recoil as he walks, but because it's pretty tiny and unloopable it probably doesn't come through, which is sad.

[EDIT: I am posting this so Leanne can see - HALLO LEANNE! :D :D :D Leanne is my most wonderfully talented and working in the video game industry fellow 3DS Max sufferer and Pixar enthusiast friend who is soon to leave to pursue bigger things in the beautiful City of Cambridge. She always has really good feedback and she picked up on the moody vibe from Mr. Punk which I was trying to achieve. I like that I don't even need to provoke her, she has such good perspective - which I'm going to miss when she leaves!!]

So today was my first experience with Adobe After Effects, and I LOVE IT! It's been relatively easy to use so far, but, to be fair, it's like someone's taken Flash, Premier and Photoshop and made this awesome little cut-out animation program of JOY. I know I am saying this now, and will probably regret it later, but I would really love to use it for a short animation sometime. I had a lot of fun today being back on the computer and animating again. It kinda reminded me of animation using Max, and I can definitely say all those hours spent honing walk cycles with Lynn in HND really helped with today's work. My practice has paid off! Hurrah!

There are a couple of wee things I need to work on though (isn't there always). Things like breaking his feet in two so his back foot bends instead of floating off the ground at the back, and sorting out the creases in his arms and legs where they animate over one another. I have two weeks for this brief so I've got plenty of time to get it perfect. I also need to find out a better way of exporting the movies, cause the one's I've done so far done seem to work at all. That hopefully won't take too long though. We shall see.

Right tomorrow is starting soon and my sleep pattern has been rubbish these past couple of days. Tomorrow is a half day so I think it will be After Effects in the morning (if I can get into the AWESOME super secret mac room to work on it again) then Photoshop in the afternoon. Good fun!!

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