Sunday, November 1, 2009

Punk Walk Final

Here is the final walk of my After Effects punk guy which I handed in about a week ago. There is sound with it but I don't know if it will play. We shall find out:


I wasn't incredibly happy with the second more dancey bit of the walk, but I think that was entirely down to how I'd drawn him and his complete and utter reluctance to do anything other than sulk. I did my best though, and short of redrawing him entirely I think I got him how I wanted him to be. I was slightly annoyed at myself though, 'cause that whole week I had a serious lack of motivation and if I'd persevered I think I could've made an awesome walk. A guy in my class, Kieran Duncan, had all 3D perspectives and camera flythroughs and I was/still am quite jealous of his walk. I want my walk to be the good one!! Oh well, next project I will nail it.

I also thought I would upload my animatic for my wee flour sack! That's right, one week and I've got a crude but fully understandable animatic. Not bad at all me thinks! For the brief we have to present our flour sack with a conflict and show how he overcomes this conflict and the emotion it creates. So my idea was to have this wee fat flour sack and his conflict would be his weight and how he wants to become more muscular like this other character, the Mighty White Flour sack (who's a big muscly, pinnacle of the flour sack world). Unfortunately we were only allowed one character in the animation so Mighty White has to come in the form of a poster. So, as the animatic will show, Fat Floursack walks up to the poster and tries to mimic it by sucking in his gut and holding his weight in his chest. He can't hold it for long, which upsets him. He decides that if he can't be like him, no one can so he rips down the poster and definatly struts off screen.


This week we start test animations and doing all fancy things with dope sheets and what-not. It'll be interesting. My frustration at not having the best After Effects walk has been channeled into this brief and I am going to really try and kick ass with this one. I've started staying in later when it's nice and quiet so I can get work done. I hope it turns out well.

Right, this is all I have time for today. I will update after I've had my group crit.

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