Friday, December 18, 2009


At the end of November our class got to go on a wee trip to Edinburgh Zoo to do some observational drawings of animals. I took my camera that day thinking that I would take lots of pictures of the animals I had drawn as reference. Low and behold I didn't, which was kind-of-a silly thing to do in retrospect. However, what I did take pictures of was most of my classmates while we were waiting on our horrendously delayed bus.

These are the pictures of the people I am proud and honoured to share a studio with. These guys are some of the most creative, influential, insanely imaginative people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and as of Tuesday/Wednesday this week, the majority of us passed first semester with very good grades! Grats guys! :D

Group Shot 1

Group Shot 2

Pamela Graham

Kieran Duncan

Suzanne Reilly

Susan "Suba" Ball (Olivia in backgound)

"DMC" Daniel McCance

Sarah Waldie

Spencer Hill

Lauren Knight

Olivia Porritt

Mark Grossi

"Flash" Gordon Henry

Lynsey Schaschke

Tom Gane

Scott Sutherland

Jamie Bell

Andrew Strathdee

"Irish Chris" Walker

"Tall Tom" Paxton

Finlay Pearston

Tara Vaughan-Smith

Kat Baxter

"Wee Kat" Hall (Spencer in the background)

Missing classmates: Fraser Murdoch, David Gorman and Dale Duncan :D

P.S. If you guys are not happy with your picture being up here let me know and it will be removed!