Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Floursack Final Animation 2

I know it's terribly late, and semester 1 hand-ins were almost 3 weeks ago but I figured now is as good a time as any to unveil my final floursack animation! And yes, I know I've already done my floursack but this is Floursack 2: Flour Harder, my new and improved final floursack animation which got handed in at the end of term submissions.

Basically, after finishing the first floursack I did, the class had a group crit session and I had a sit down with Sharon, our lecturer, to see if it could be improved. To be honest I was never really entirely happy with the first animation. The whole idea was to show off what we knew about the animation principles and bring a character to life with emotions and problems to overcome. My first try felt so bland and I felt like it was entirely lacking in everything I had initially set out to do. The emotions weren't big enough, there was little anticipation and even less of the principles. When I showed the final piece to everyone, there was a general consensus that more could be done.

So, more I did do. With 2 weeks until submissions I sat down, went right back to my storyboards and started my floursack from scratch. I then took all my notes from Sharon and the group crit and fixed everything that was missing or lacking from the first try; add more anticipation, bigger exaggerations, squash & stretch, improve the staging, have him wobble his belly, have him jump not walk, etc, etc. Little by little Mr. Floursack was becoming what I wanted him to be the first time round. By the end of the day I had my animatic timed out and my dopesheets ready for animating.

Floursack Animatic

From there it took me a good couple of days (9am-9pm days) to keyframe, mainly due to the poster rip which took up a day in itself. On top of this a lot of my time got spent waiting for a free line testing machine (with 2 weeks till submissions EVERYONE was after the line testers), and I couldn't carry on without it 'cause I needed to see how things were looking. Once the keyframing and charting were all done the inbetweens almost drew themselves. I actually think I might have had more keyframes than inbetweens which is maybe wrong... I dunno. I know that the inbetweens didn't take as long as I thought they would.

At the end of the week though, I got it finished. I remember wanting to hug everyone in the classroom. God there's no better feeling than finally getting your work done and up on a screen. I'm sure I might have danced a little just out of sheer joy! I would guess I put about 60 hours in that week for 17 secs of animation. I got it home and put some sound in it (the squeeky voice idea was stolen from my classmate Kat Hall who'd done the same on hers to great effect).

And here it is:


It's a little dark unfortunately, and you might notice that the Mighty White Flour character has changed into Flour Power! This was because I had been getting so much grief about his name potentially being racist (would you believe!). I'm so happy with how it turned out. The long days of graft are so utterly worth it when you get a finished piece that you are proud of. Next semester we are beginning character development and I'm beginning to get really excited about the ideas and animations that are going to follow. I will save that for another day though, this page is for Mr. Floursack!


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