Friday, January 29, 2010

Life Drawing 29/01/10

Reinhard wasn't in today unfortunately, but life drawing went ahead anyway... the model ran the class. This week's theme was faces, and although they may not look like it but these are all drawings of the same model. In the second picture he looks really old but that's only really because I didn't want to mess up the drawing by colouring his hair in black, so I left it white.

I wasn't happy at all with the final picture but I've put it up here anyway. The model put a cigarette in his mouth and from where I was sitting it became really weirdly foreshortened. I should've got up and moved to a better position but I couldn't be bothered, so I tired it and failed.

All the poses were 20 minutes long (the 3rd and 4th pictures were a 20 minute sitting but I got 2 drawings done in that time so they could maybe technically count as 10 minute poses) and all were drawn using willow charcoal.

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