Friday, February 26, 2010

Life Drawing 26/02/10

Today's life drawing was awesome fun! Definitely got some of my best work to date drawn today - I am so happy with the outcome of all of them! Most certainly one of my good days.

So, basically, seeing as this is World Cup year, this weeks model was dressed like a footballer and to start us off we were told to try and get as many sketches done as we could, in 10 minutes, of him throwing a ball against the wall. He did his best to repeat his movements so that we could scribble down his key positions. I only managed 3 but I think they came out really well considering he never stopped moving. We then went onto football themed action poses, all 10 minutes each. Very good day. More like that again soon please.

All were drawn using willow charcoal.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Life Drawing 12/02/10

This week we were doing some more sitting poses, and as you'll see I've taken Reinhard's advice and made sure that each model is in a situation. If you compare the third drawing here to the seventh drawing I did on the 22/01/10 you can see how the addition of scenery really does add to the final sketch.

The first two poses were 25-minute sittings, so I managed to get some quick shading done on the first sketch and an enhancement of the foot drawn on the second. The final two were both 20-minutes each, and, as ever, they were all drawn using willow charcoal.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life Drawing - Dancers at Space 05/02/10

Today we had a bit of a field trip for life drawing. We all hopped into taxis and went up to the Space ("The Scottish School for Contemporary Dance") and spent the afternoon drawing dancers and drummers while they took classes. It was difficult with all the moving and dancing going on but a very fun change of scenery. I only brought my pencil case and studio sketchbook with me so this week, for one week only, I did all my sketches with animation pencil!