Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Drawing 26/03/10

Nice relaxed life drawing today and the last one we have scheduled unfortunately. Reinhard has started evaluating everyone's work in preparation for assessment in a couple weeks. I got some good feedback from him at my mini-assessment. He said it was nice to see that I take the time to draw the model's feet and hands as many people were still leaving them clubbed or undrawn. He also reiterated the fact that I need to tone down on the thick, heavy lines and maybe try something other than willow charcoal for a change. He was happy with it though, as so was I.

So, today's class was just some more sitting poses. They were all 15 minutes each, and all done with (low and behold) willow charcoal. Maybe next term I will move onto something a little more fun. Ink? Colours? White pencil on black paper? Who knows! It will be fun though.

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