Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Jam Thief

Sooo I was asked to do some inbetweening for a lovely fourth year by the name of Theresia McCearney for her final fourth year film 'The Jam Thief':

I was given three scenes altogether (about 13 seconds worth of animation - they start about 1m30s when the frog reaches the gate), one of the Mother Plant and the baby plant Buddy, which was on multiple layers, and two of the Frog; one as he reaches the gate and hands Buddy to Mother, and the one following where he waves like Columbo before turning and walking off:

Inbetweening was such a challenge.  I'd never done it before and it took me a good six weeks or so to  do the 13 or so seconds I'd been given.  In fact, I was handed it after another member of my class decided she couldn't inbetween it to a standard she was happy with so Theresia passed it to me.  The experience was nothing but wonderful though, and  I am very glad I did it.  It literally threw me into the deep-end of being an inbetweener, and it was invaluable experience for the 40 second animation we did in second semester and for what I want to go on to do in third and fourth year.  I would highly recommend other people to jump in on a fourth year film where they can.  The experience is so beneficial it's unreal.

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