Friday, October 29, 2010

Life Drawing 28/10/10

Today's life drawing was "Heads and Hands", which I was really excited for but found myself having a REALLY bad week.  I totally wasn't in the mood to draw and I was only really happy with the last one.  And, to be fair, it was more heads than hands, which saddened me a wee bit 'cause I like drawing hands.  

Also, I've discovered this week that I am quite terrible at drawing mouths and doing any form of tonal work.  TBH I'm never entirely sure if I'm doing it right in the first place.  Ideally I would like somebody to sit down with me and give me an idea as how to go about doing tones.  I guess if I just persevere I'll get there in the end.

Each pose was 25 minutes long and all drawings were done using willow charcoal.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Obs Drawing 25/10/10

Drawing strangers on a train! Yey! Had to stand in the doorway ALL THE WAY from Aberdeen to Dundee, but it gave me a good vantage point to draw a couple people so it weren't all bad.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Life Drawing 15/10/10

This weeks life drawing was on 'Walking Positions'.  Reinhard asked the model to walk about for a bit and stop mid-cycle so we could draw.  A lot of the poses were unbalanced so they were all only 5 minutes long. Reinhard also wanted to fit in as many drawings as possible since next week is reading week and we miss a class. 

I forgot how difficult it was to fit so much in in such a short space of time.  You really only have time for basic shapes and maybe a quick tidy up before the next pose.  I was quite chuffed overall though, there was only one pose I didn't quite manage to finish, and not any that I am unhappy with.  A couple are out of proportion but I still wouldn't say they're bad drawings.  Next life drawing won't be till 29th October so /i'll try and fit in some obs drawing instead to make up for it.

All drawings were done with willow charcoal.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obs Drawing CMT 14/10/10

Some observational drawing from our CMT lecture.  This week we started learning about how to write our dissertation and we had this lovely wee lady guest lecturer who gave us a list of verbs (I swear to God, she even asked if we all knew what a verb was, and made sure we all knew it was a 'doing word') for us to potentially use whilst writing.  I drew a picture of her in the bottom left.  She was quite tricky to draw cause she had really fair eyebrows which you could only just see on her face so I wasn't exactly sure how to draw them.  They're kinda half there I guess, best I could do.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Life Drawing 08/10/10

 This week's life drawing was on "Different Leg Poses", and we got to draw the lady again today which was a nice change!  I am surprisingly happy with the drawings this week especially 'cause I really felt like I was struggling to get started on a lot of the sketches.  I got there in the end though.  Reinhard was commenting that he's noticing we aren't being as pernickety with detail as we once were, and this was exactly what I was thinking when I was drawing.  I've bought myself some new "thin" willow charcoal (lies!  They're as thick as my thumb.  Big, stupid, cumbersome things) and I was finding myself giving up on the finer details and trying to keep my drawing clean.  I like it, and I'm really happy with the end results.

The timing for all the poses are beside each picture, most were 10 minute, but  a couple were different (the chair and kneeling poses).  All were drawn using FAT willow charcoal.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Life Drawing 01/10/10

This week's poses were "Different Trunk Positions, Twisting and Stretching". We had the lovely Douglas (definitely my favourite guy to draw) today, but alas this week was a bad one. I wasn't really happy with a lot of my proportions, my line started to get heavy again, and I really struggled with the two middle drawings. Think it's probably mostly to do with the fact that it's been a while since I've sat and drawn a full figure. This added with the twisting and the stretching of the trunk really made it difficult. I got there in the end though. The final picture was definitely my favourite of the day.

All the poses were 25 minutes and I used (as ever) willow charcoal on all drawings.