Friday, November 12, 2010

Life Drawing 12/11/10

Today's life drawing was "Lying Poses".  Only four poses, each 25 minutes long, and the first one I only got halfway through as Reinhard took me aside to assess my work.  He said he was impressed with the completeness (for want of a better word) of my drawings, and the detail I put in my hands and feet.  He said my tonal work could be better, when I shade I only shade in one direction rather than following the contours of the body so it can leave my drawings quite flat.  He suggested that maybe I should try using brown paper and getting black and white pencils to help with highlights and shades and such.  Apparently he was saying that to a lot of students.  I think I might try it for the last couple weeks of term to show I'm taking what he's saying on board.  I've been meaning to try other mediums all semester, so it'll probably be good for me.  

Overall he seemed quite happy, he complimented me on the likeness of my drawings to the models, especially since I've been drawing them for a shorter time that the general foundation students.  I wish I could have heard everything he was saying, he is such a soft spoken man that I missed a lot of his critique and was too shy to ask him to repeat it.  I guess I'll have to wait till the end of the year and see what the assessment form says.

All sketches were done using willow charcoal.

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  1. The way you've drawn her feet is lovely. I like the last picture alot, inparticular her right leg =D