Friday, December 31, 2010

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

This video is the reason why I am where I am and why I am doing what I do.  It took me years to figure out exactly what path I wanted my life to follow, and if it wasn't for a select few people (who know who they are) I wouldn't have got the clarity I needed to see where to go.  One of those fine people gave me this one day to watch and it proved a very much need turning point in my life,  and I want to thank him so much for showing it to me.  I hope it provides as much countless inspiration for you as it has done for me these past few years.

Happy New Year 2011!  I hope it's a good one for us all.

x Lynne

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LAVA [Working Title]

I guess I really aught to have linked this blog before, but I guess the end of term is as good as any time to do it really.  This semester's project was simply to create a one minute animation in a group of 3, 4 or 5 people.  This blog is the culmination of most of our work for the year.  Go to it and have a look and critique and comment and suggest pretty please.  We hand in on January 10th so I'm trying to get everything up and blogged by then.  Expect a torrent of posts nearer the deadline.  Go now and appreciate:

Thank you!

I Heart Reinhard 2: Reinharder

Last year I made my fellow animators I <3 Reinhard badges as Christmas presents, and distributed them at the end of year Animation Christmas Night Out.  Reinhard, for those who do not know, is the head of the Naboland Research Institute and also our life drawing tutor.  He is a mild-mannered, quiet-spoken  German fellow who is a bit of a living legend amongst us animators, to a point where he is making a special guest appearance in many of the fourth years' final films.  

This year I thought I would continue the tradition and create another badge, this one entitled: I <3 Reinhard 2: Reinharder, with a guest appearance from Dictator Cat, third years' newly created Big Brother figure.  Unfortunately, due to the postage backlog, the badges did not make it in time for me to distribute them at last night's Animation Christmas Night Out so it was suggested by Mr. Tom Gane that I upload it here.  So here it is!  My gift to my kin.  Enjoy!