Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life Drawing 24/11/11

Final life drawing of the term! Sad times.  I've missed a couple over the last few weeks due to dissertation writing and this glorious light-headedness I've found myself with of late.  I was glad I made it for the final sitting though.  It was quiet and Reinhard asked us what we would like to do, which was cool.  We settled for a mixture of standing, sitting and lying poses, all between 10 and 20 minutes each.  I've only put up five of the six I drew, one was very much just warming up, there wasn't much going on but light, unintelligible scribbling.  

It was an okay sitting, not that great and not that bad; one of those ones where it takes you most of your effort to just get the head right.  They turned out okay in the end, just felt like a total uphill battle to get there.

All drawn with graphite pencils.

x L

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Most Up-To-Date Animatic YET

So we've finished the boards and have them proudly displayed above the Director's desk:

They loom over us as a giant reminder of all the work we still have to do.  In finishing the boards I've since been able to finalise the animatic too, making the last 30 seconds a lot more clearer than we had on the post-it boards.  Now it actually makes sense.  The timing's had to change a wee bit too, it was flying through the final reveal just a bit too quick for my liking.  Here is what we gots now:

Please let us know what you think.  The intro may be getting looked at... in fact, it will be getting looked at 'cause we've redesigned the town a bit, so please bear that in mind, the fly through will be better, or at the very least different.  We're still sitting at just one second under two minutes, so it's a very manageable piece.  Suba's working on our first layout as I type so doping and animating will be beginning forthwith! Hurrah!  

Again, please let us know what you think!  Any feedback is good feedback.

x L

Monday, November 14, 2011

Inked Storyboards

Here's the final boards for my 4th year student film 'Inked'.  Been working on them since last Monday, and I think (after ten or so months of rewrites) we've finally settled on the story!  Now it's onto making a Production Chart, and then Layouts next week with Suba.  The only thing missing from these boards are the SFX notes and working out the timing - which I did actually sit and work out, but managed to work out wrong the first time round.  They will get added in later, when I get that all reorganised and fixed.

Anyway, enjoy!  Hope they make sense.

x L

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Drawing 03/11/10

Bit of a meh life drawing for me this week. Had a brand new model that I've never drawn before, which was good fun! She was a lovely young lady, who I've already forgotten the name of (sorry!) who did some very nice 'Obstacle Course' posing for us. I really need to get back into the way of drawing the female form though, I really struggled to get anything drawn, at all, in the ample amount of time we were given.  Couldn't seem to get anything finished at all, which I was really disappointed with.  Really need to start stepping up my game!

Each pose was 10 minutes, apart from the second to last picture (left hand side on last image) which was 20 minutes.  All were done using graphite pencils.

x L

Monday, October 31, 2011

Animatic Rewrite

Just a wee catch up after my last post on Friday.  Finished tweaking the new revise of the animatic today so storyboarding can continue tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll get them done for our production meeting at 3pm, but that may be a bit of a push, especially at it's our Background Artist's 21st birthday today coupled with Hallowe'en.  We'll be lucky if we're up tomorrow by 3pm...  But anyhow, here's how it's looking so far:

Please let me know what you think, all feedback would very much be appreciated!

x L

Friday, October 28, 2011

Layouts and Boards 01

So this week Suba and I were going to try and sit down and work out our layouts for the animation.  We got ourselves a copy of Mark T. Byrne's "The Art of Layout and Storyboarding" and had a sit down with our resident storyboard professional Wayne Thomas who taught us the basics of layouts, using examples from his time as a boarder on SuperTed.  With all our notes we got to work, Suba went ahead and started working out how exactly she wants to create the environment fly-through at the beginning of the animation, whilst I found myself taking about five steps backwards in order to make one step forward.  

In order for me to start layouts, I need to work out a production chart, and in order to do that I need to work out exactly how many scenes and shots we have, and in order to that I need to finalise the boards, and in doing the boards I've reworked a section of the story to make it read better.  So I am currently in the middle of boarding, production charting, re-animaticing and I'm still mid-dog run cycle.  So many projects!

Anyhow, this is how we're looking on the new story rewrite:


We've flipped the girl so that she's the one to be hit by the ball.  In doing this it saves me a lot of animation but we still get the same idea across.  Now she no longer has to storm off the full length of the scene, I no longer need to flip a bear through the air into her face and she no longer carries her teddy with her to the bush where the boy's hiding.  The bear falling off the see-saw makes more sense realistically and feels just as sad; we still feel the girls loneliness at not having a real see-saw companion and it creates empathy for the girl a lot quicker than how we previously had it written.  Best of all, the whole scene is shorter, shaving about eight and a half seconds off of our animation in total.  

Because of this change though, I need to go back and tweak a whole bunch of other things on the animatic, which's going to set me back another day or so.  I'll get it all blogged up when it's completed next week, and I'll upload the boards too when they're all reworked and done.

Till then!

 x L

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life Drawing 27/10/11

Another good week at life drawing! This week we had Dougie for lying down poses, which are normally an absolute nightmare, but I had such a fun week once I finally got into it!  Was really chuffed with the majority of the head angles, which I was expecting to really struggle with.  Going to need to start considering which pictures I'm going to use for the degree show/portfolio and maybe start mounting some.  Want to start spreading out the cost of paper and boards so I don't get hit with cash flow problems next April.  Some of these I quite like so they very well make it in.

Just used bog standard graphite pencils again this week and all poses were 15 minutes long.

x L

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog Run Cycles - The Beginning

Animal run cycles - YEY!  Oh my, all the fun we can have when we give something four legs.  Working out a dog run cycle has been a challenge and a half, but I have learned so much today it has definitely been worth all the brain strain.

Started off by researching roughly how a dog's leg works, and what sort of basic shapes and movements I would need to tackle my own run cycle.  I've been using a wee supplement from ImagineFX on Anatomy, which I highly recommend everyone and anyone getting if you are interested in exactly how and why humans and animals move and look the way they do.  It's so in depth and explained everything to me perfectly.  I stole some of their drawings as notes and pinned them up behind my lightbox for reference, then got under way.

I've also enlisted the help of an old college buddy of mine, and second year animator Tara, who is a genius when it comes to animal cycles and, to be fair, animal art in general.  I went to her for advice on this dog cycle and twenty minutes later she's roughed out and line tested a seven frame cycle for me as a guide!


So with my guide and anatomy notes I got to work and created this:


Which you can see has only two of it's four legs in place.  Then I added the final two legs, cleaned-up a wee bit and got this:


Not bad for a first attempt, don't you think?  Well, at the very least I have impressed myself.  I can see what needs changed and obviously there's still a lot to be added, but for a generic attempt at a four-legged run cycle I am very happy with today's work.  

This run cycle is also going to be used for clean-up tests when it's finished.  I'm hoping to try and work out exactly how I want it done, and ensure I get the look that I want with my final frames.  All in good time though, I still need to add ears to this wee furball yet.  That's going to be all the fun.

x L

Monday, October 10, 2011

Character & Environment Test

Suba's been working her ass off on getting the background designs all worked out for the animation and she's hit on this FANTASTIC tree design for the cherry blossom in the park.  She's hit the nail on the head and it looks like we've pretty much got our final style all worked out!  I stole her tree off her earlier today and added my characters into the image to see how they're all working together, and I personally think it's looking lovely!  I turned it into a nice wee banner for our film blog, as the old one had become fairly irrelevant of late.

It's all slowly coming together! Yey! 

x L

Friday, October 7, 2011

Animatic with Dog & Colour

Had our peer review this past Monday (which I will update more on in another blog post soon) which we had been working our asses off to get some form of animatic ready for.  This is the animatic that we showed on the day.  Apologies in advance for the roughness of some of the boards.  The scribbles make sense to us, but not so much other people it seems.  This will rectified in due course.

Post peer review I added in some of the colour bleeding and fixed and finished the dog scenes:

More news to come soon so stay tuned! 

x L

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life Drawing 06/10/11

A better day in life drawing!  Today's class was 'Pushing and Pulling from Different Angles' and we had the ever lovely Eddie, but he's put his back out apparently, so I think he really struggled with some of the sittings, poor man!  He was so good to still get up and give 100% for every pose, only faltering once (he had all his balance on the ball of his foot and his back arched backwards, which mustn't have been comfortable for him).  

Staying as far away from colour as I could I settled with a boring old graphite pencil, but I am very happy with my drawings this week.  So much more than last time!  Reinhard was on top form today too, he had a giggle at my first drawing as I only managed to complete two of the four fingers on Eddie's hand, making it look like he was rocking out.  Trust me, he wasn't, but I don't want to change it, it makes me smile now to look at.

Anyway, first three drawings were 10 minutes, the fourth 20 minutes, the next page of three were all 10 again, and the final drawing was 15.

x L

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

I've posted on a couple of occasions as to how much Steve Jobs has inspired and motivated me in my life to get to where I am today.  Sadly he passed away yesterday from an long-term battle with pancratic cancer.  The Apple website have up a touching tribute to their late CEO on the front page of their website, which I've put up here.  Another personal hero I will never get to meet or thank for their incredible influence on my life!  It's a sad day.

x L

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Drawing 29/09/11

I really struggled with life drawing this week.  I tried using colour for this particular session, which was entitled 'Theatrical Lighting of Sitting and Standing Poses', as I thought the variety of lighting would be best justified using a coloured medium.  Turns out I suck at using colour, and have hence decided to stick to boring old monochromic media for the time being.  I was so angry at my first attempt I tore the page out and dumped it.  Rookie mistake, I should have kept for future reference to learn and progress from, but I was having such a bad day that it provided the release I needed at that moment in time.  

Things have changed quite considerably in class for me from prior to the summer, and not really in the best of ways. This morning I'd had an encounter which got to me, and sitting in a dimly lit and quiet room was the last place I really wanted to be.  My mind wasn't in the right place to be sitting patiently drawing, and it really came out in my work.  I'm not happy with any of it.  Every pose frustrated me and the whole session was just uncomfortable.  I persevered though, and sat through both halves of the class (even though every single part of me was wanting to bail during break time) and I'm glad I did.  It's good to have bad days, and push through them.  It's still my worst life drawing to date, but it's still not that bad.  At least it's a nice wee reminder to stay motivated, especially under emotional stress.

The first two poses were 15 minutes (the coloured one using those soft leaded coloured pencils you get, the remainder using graphite or 4B pencil), the third was 10 minutes and the last three 20 minutes.  You can see how little I got done for how long the sittings were, I was not focussed at all.  It was the rare week we get a lady too!  Such a waste.  Next week shall be better!

x L

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Animatic Scenes to Date

Here is a wee compilation of all the scenes I've managed to draw in the last two and a bit weeks.  Bambi, our editor, has the complete animatic file with the rest of the boards and what not, but she has been sensible and decided to enjoy this unnaturally lovely sunshine we're having today by not being inside.  Our most complete animatic has to be ready for our peer review on Monday so it'll be up on our film blog when it's ready.

Tonight our local shopping centre is doing a late-night student lock-in so this may be about all I'm going to do for the day.  Tomorrow I'm going to attempt the dog-walker scenes with my newly designed dog!  Oh the fun it's going to be.  I will hopefully get the dog's designs up soon too, so look forward to that.

x L

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Animatic See-Saw Third Revise

Okay, still working on our rough animatic.  Peer review is next Monday so I really have a shipload to get done before then.  This is my current revise of the girl on the see-saw scene.  Just away to start on the close up which follows directly after this clip, then onto her storming offscreen.  


Got three scenes left to sketch up before Monday and three characters to design and turn, and maybe have a look at colouring the boy.  Too much to do and not enough hours in the day.  The Beatles had it good with their 8 day weeks.

x L

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Drawing 22/09/11

Another life drawing session has come to pass and this week we had the lovely Douglas doing quick standing and sitting poses.  We started off with a series of two minute sittings (which was far too fast for me, I need to learn to draw less but show more, if that makes sense), then moved onto some five minute poses, and finished with three 15 minute poses and one final 10 minute pose.  I bought myself some lovely pencils to work with today, the ones that are different shades of brown and grey with really soft nibs, but negated to buy appropriate paper or sharpening implements for them.  Another trip to the art shop sometime this week and I'll be ready to use them next Thursday.  So long charcoal!

Today I just settled with my graphite pencil again due to the speed of the poses.  I am incredibly happy with a lot of the drawings, they actually have a decent resemblance to the life model which is always a bonus.  Think I might start taking a couple of the better ones and mounting them in my portfolio for hand-ins next year.  Might as well get started now, it'll save me a task next April when I'm stressed out my nut.

x L