Friday, February 18, 2011

Life Drawing 18/02/11

A good life drawing week!  Huzzah! Finally!  Today's poses were "Standing Poses", and I think I'm finally - finally - getting the hang of this whole shading malarky.  It's slowly starting to work for me, which I am ecstatic about, although I do notice it means I no longer have enough time to draw the whole figure, which is what I think I'm going to have to start working on next.  Reinhard was very full of the compliments this week, saying he's notices vast improvements amongst the people who regularly turn up, and that it's always the animators who progress the most deftly.  Thanks Reinhard :).

The first page of poses (I had to squeeze them all onto one page cause I only had 2 pages left in my sketchbook) are all 10 minute sittings, and the final two are 25 minutes each (although the last one felt more like 30, than 25, I mean I had time to get a full figure drawn, which isn't like me just now).  All were drawn using willow charcoal.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Life Drawing 11/02/11

This weeks poses were 'Twisted Body Poses', or as Reinhard put it "twisted bodies drawn by twisted minds".  I really, really struggled this week.  I really had no heart to be doing life drawing, which is an absolute crime, but I just had no energy for it whatsoever.  I do like a lot of the final outcomes looking at them now, but there's no colour, barely any shading, and some poses which aren't even complete.

BUT, when writing up my post for the Dancers at Space I looked back at the work I was doing this time last year and my GOD I can really see an improvement.  My work back them were simplitic line drawings at best, with very little detail and no attempt at shading at all.  This is why I tell myself, even on days when it is the last place I want to be, that I have to maintain attendance to life drawing.  It really, really pays off.

Last two drawings were 25 minute poses, the rest are all 10 minute.  All were drawn using willow charcoal.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life Drawing - Dancers at Space 09/02/11

Sooooo today we went back to Dundee's Scottish School for Contemporary Dance at the Space for another morning of drawing dancers (last year's efforts can be found here).  We sat and watched some of the first years doing some warm up exercises (which was mental impossible to draw cause they were literally running around all over the place) then went and watched some third years (I think) time-out the choreography for a soon-to-be-performed play.  I forgot how incredibly difficult it is to draw people in motion, I really struggled with it, so I ended up just drawing them at rest or simply sat and watched them dance, which was pretty fun.  Good to get some more obs drawing in the books again, I've been neglecting it terribly-so recently.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Drawing 04/02/11

Was really mad at myself today 'cause I was considering taking my pastels in with me to do some colouring and then decided against it, ONLY TO FIND Reinhard had set up the model under this beautiful, subtle red lamp and he was all coloured pinky-red.  I was so vexed!  The first half involved 5-minute poses though, so I guess even if I'd had colour, I probably definitely wouldn't have had the time to use them.

I grabbed a couple watercolour pencils for the second half though as we were doing two 25-minute sittings.  Even then I struggled to get my drawings done before I could think about colouring them.  I'm still not totally confident in colouring so it's a very meek attempt.  I tried though, and hopefully I'll get better with practice.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colour Transmitted Disease [Working Title]

So, fourth year has pretty much began.  Our final film ideas have been pitched and groups have formed.  This is us for the next 16 months.  Excellent.  Myself, Susan Ball, Kat Bambi Baxter and Jamie Bell are all collaborating on a project currently entitled Colour Transmitted Disease, or CTD for short.  I'm currently working on the blog and getting our first few posts up so any critiques/suggestions/comments would be VERY welcome is anyone would care to have a nosy.  We're currently at the cusp of the script writing stage so any help with our story would be very much appreciated at the mo.  We've almost got the story how we want it but just feel like it's not quite there yet.  Hopefully we'll get it all hammered out before deadline on Monday.

Anyway, go look, and don't come back till you do!