Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Colour Transmitted Disease [Working Title]

So, fourth year has pretty much began.  Our final film ideas have been pitched and groups have formed.  This is us for the next 16 months.  Excellent.  Myself, Susan Ball, Kat Bambi Baxter and Jamie Bell are all collaborating on a project currently entitled Colour Transmitted Disease, or CTD for short.  I'm currently working on the blog and getting our first few posts up so any critiques/suggestions/comments would be VERY welcome is anyone would care to have a nosy.  We're currently at the cusp of the script writing stage so any help with our story would be very much appreciated at the mo.  We've almost got the story how we want it but just feel like it's not quite there yet.  Hopefully we'll get it all hammered out before deadline on Monday.

Anyway, go look, and don't come back till you do!

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