Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Drawing 04/02/11

Was really mad at myself today 'cause I was considering taking my pastels in with me to do some colouring and then decided against it, ONLY TO FIND Reinhard had set up the model under this beautiful, subtle red lamp and he was all coloured pinky-red.  I was so vexed!  The first half involved 5-minute poses though, so I guess even if I'd had colour, I probably definitely wouldn't have had the time to use them.

I grabbed a couple watercolour pencils for the second half though as we were doing two 25-minute sittings.  Even then I struggled to get my drawings done before I could think about colouring them.  I'm still not totally confident in colouring so it's a very meek attempt.  I tried though, and hopefully I'll get better with practice.

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