Friday, February 11, 2011

Life Drawing 11/02/11

This weeks poses were 'Twisted Body Poses', or as Reinhard put it "twisted bodies drawn by twisted minds".  I really, really struggled this week.  I really had no heart to be doing life drawing, which is an absolute crime, but I just had no energy for it whatsoever.  I do like a lot of the final outcomes looking at them now, but there's no colour, barely any shading, and some poses which aren't even complete.

BUT, when writing up my post for the Dancers at Space I looked back at the work I was doing this time last year and my GOD I can really see an improvement.  My work back them were simplitic line drawings at best, with very little detail and no attempt at shading at all.  This is why I tell myself, even on days when it is the last place I want to be, that I have to maintain attendance to life drawing.  It really, really pays off.

Last two drawings were 25 minute poses, the rest are all 10 minute.  All were drawn using willow charcoal.

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