Friday, February 18, 2011

Life Drawing 18/02/11

A good life drawing week!  Huzzah! Finally!  Today's poses were "Standing Poses", and I think I'm finally - finally - getting the hang of this whole shading malarky.  It's slowly starting to work for me, which I am ecstatic about, although I do notice it means I no longer have enough time to draw the whole figure, which is what I think I'm going to have to start working on next.  Reinhard was very full of the compliments this week, saying he's notices vast improvements amongst the people who regularly turn up, and that it's always the animators who progress the most deftly.  Thanks Reinhard :).

The first page of poses (I had to squeeze them all onto one page cause I only had 2 pages left in my sketchbook) are all 10 minute sittings, and the final two are 25 minutes each (although the last one felt more like 30, than 25, I mean I had time to get a full figure drawn, which isn't like me just now).  All were drawn using willow charcoal.

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