Friday, January 28, 2011

Life Drawing 28/01/11

No colour this week unfortunately, though I tried my best to get some shading in where I could.  Still using those bloody charcoal sticks, though I feel I'm becoming a bit of a pro at negotiating small details with these big, fat, cumbersome, smudgy sticks.  The first half we drew a series of 10 minute poses.  Reinhard wanted us to try to fit them all together on one page, hence why there's four all bundled up together.  

For the second half Reinhard was abducted by meetings unfortunately, so the life model picked a couple of 20 minute poses which I really enjoyed the outcome of.  My feedback at the start of the year from Reinhard was that I have some proportion issues in my drawing so I've been very aware of trying to measure out more and keep shapes and sizes consistent.  I thought I did quite well on the last two, I was quite chuffed with how they turned out.

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  1. Is the model giving you the finger in the bottom pose on the second pic?!

    Looking good, Lynne. I especially like the shading.