Friday, March 11, 2011

Life Drawing 11/03/11

I've been a terrible student of late and have not been attending life drawing this last fortnight (sorry Reinhard!) so today I sucked it up, dragged myself sleepily out of bed and trudged a weary walk to class this morning.  Low and behold I had an AWESOME day of life drawing and, although I didn't draw a single full pose, the studies I did were some of the best I personally think I've ever done.  Success!

Today was also review time so Reinhard took a look over my work and critiqued it.  He praised my ability to not only attempt to draw feet and hands, but to draw them so successfully and with a cumbersome medium such as charcoal.  He saw my tentative approaches with different media and colours so he suggested I maybe try ink if I feel like getting away from willow charcoal.  I hate the definitiveness of ink, but it might be a good idea to try sometime int he future.  I've always been saying I want to get away from charcoal... maybe next week.  

Overall Reinhard was very positive, and praised the whole class saying he was very lucky to have such skilled individuals to teach, which was an absolutely lovely thing to hear.  Thank you Reinhard!

Anyway, the length of each of today's poses are written next to them, and each drawing was done using willow charcoal.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Lynne, I think these are some of the best you've done also. Reinhard also mentioned to me that it was rare and valuable to have a skilled class of drawers!