Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I've been so excited about getting this Granny coloured and uploaded, until I was told that it's maybe not my best piece of art of late.  I was really chuffed with her, now I'm beginning to question how much I truly like her, which saddens me.  Anyway, here she is.  Might start back with the animation stuff now and forget all these people for a bit.  Still need to get my Annecy post up on here too.  It is near completion so won't be long.  Till then.

x L

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Tourist & IOGraph

Hey, lookie what I did! A character NOT in profile! I am so proud. This man is The Tourist:

I've been working on the other half's computer a lot this last wee while getting all this art done.  The Boy recently downloaded this wonderful software called IOGraph which tracks the movement of your mouse over a period of time and makes art from it!  It's wonderful, kinda like an etch-a-sketch which you leave running in the background.  I decided to track the mouse as I coloured in the Tourist and this is the IOGraph I created:

This was timed at 1.5 hours and covered me opening photoshop and colouring the Tourist to saving the .psd and IOGraph.  Pretty cool, huh?  You can see where my mouse has been going backwards and forwards from the layers menu on the right hand side and the colour picker button on the left.  The dots, I believe, are periods of inactivity in the mouse which makes this kind of ink blot, which's a pretty neat idea.  It's either that or areas of higher density.  I'm not sure and the website tells me nothing.  Anyway go download it, it's wonderful fun!

Still waiting to scan and colour in my granny I drew a few days ago.  Have also added another page to my novel/sketchbook which I am dying to scan & colour too.  Will get these done soon.

x L

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"The Suit"

This gentleman was entitled Patrick (so called because I watched American Psycho recently and it was the first "business guy" name to pop into my head) until the other half renamed him "The Suit", which definitely sounds a shipload better.  

When I draw made-up people I find I'll sketch and erase and sketch and erase until I find a pose which I can work on.  I'm kinda realising this is probably a silly thing to do as I'm becoming all too quick with the eraser when I could be reworking poorer lines into something better.  I dunno if this makes sense but I'm feeling it's maybe not the best way to go.  I shall work on it.  Just finished a doss drawing of a random old woman I'm quite chuffed with so I'll get her up when I've scanned and coloured her.

x L

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Project - Page 01

I was recently influenced by an artist I found in a graphic book called Gary Baseman, who uses old books on which to do his drawings.  

I thought the idea was absolutely brilliant so I took myself down to the local recycle center and bought myself a bunch of old hardback books.  They are absolutely stunning, each one's a different colour with matching coloured edges on the paper.  In keeping with my quest to draw more I began with this drawing last night whilst listening to a Joe Rogan podcast:

The original scan wasn't great (it blurs at the edge around her hand) so I had to do some cropping to make it look a little nicer.   In doing this though it loses a wee bit of her story.  I wanted it to look like she was imprisoned in the page of this book, her hand touching the spine like it's a wall she can't get through.  The quote at the top was from the podcast.  Rogan and his guest were talking about the idea of super-sentient computers in the future saying how it could ultimately lead to our doom, the idea being that "We are [the] cows, and we're in the process of building a butcher".  Incredibly pensive and bitterly poignant at the same time.

I coloured her this morning, and I'm incredibly happy with how she turned out.

I have three more drawings in my (now considerably boring due to it's plain white pages) sketchbook I've been working on recently.  I have two of them scanned so I'm hopefully going to get them coloured if I can maintain access to a computer/tablet.  They will be posted as soon as they are done.

x L

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tank Girl Fan Art

Drew this for another blog I frequent for Fan Art Fridays.  This is Tank Girl and she is beautiful.  I like to think the gun is maybe pointed at someone's (most likely Booga's) privates.  The kinda thing she would probably do if she was in a pissed-off mood.  Dunno what the deal is but the picture seems darker when I post it up here than when I view it in Photoshop.  That maybe needs to be looked at.

x L

EDIT: Would like to say a massive hello and thank you to everyone that's been googling Tank Girl Fan Art and stumbling upon my page!  I get a huge number of views everyday for this drawing and now find it to be one of the top viewed TG Fan Arts on Google Images!  I did not think I would get such a reaction to this picture, so thank you for coming by and making my day! x L

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Trying so desperately to draw more and maybe reach a point where it doesn't take me a whole afternoon to do one drawing.  Also need to learn more about shadows & highlights.  The ones on this lovely lady, whom I've christened Rosali, are totally made up, and I'm pretty sure they're not in the right place at all.  Practice, practice, practice.  Hopefully lots more coming soon!  Sorry if I spam your dashboard inbox.

x L