Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"The Suit"

This gentleman was entitled Patrick (so called because I watched American Psycho recently and it was the first "business guy" name to pop into my head) until the other half renamed him "The Suit", which definitely sounds a shipload better.  

When I draw made-up people I find I'll sketch and erase and sketch and erase until I find a pose which I can work on.  I'm kinda realising this is probably a silly thing to do as I'm becoming all too quick with the eraser when I could be reworking poorer lines into something better.  I dunno if this makes sense but I'm feeling it's maybe not the best way to go.  I shall work on it.  Just finished a doss drawing of a random old woman I'm quite chuffed with so I'll get her up when I've scanned and coloured her.

x L

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