Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tank Girl Fan Art

Drew this for another blog I frequent for Fan Art Fridays.  This is Tank Girl and she is beautiful.  I like to think the gun is maybe pointed at someone's (most likely Booga's) privates.  The kinda thing she would probably do if she was in a pissed-off mood.  Dunno what the deal is but the picture seems darker when I post it up here than when I view it in Photoshop.  That maybe needs to be looked at.

x L

EDIT: Would like to say a massive hello and thank you to everyone that's been googling Tank Girl Fan Art and stumbling upon my page!  I get a huge number of views everyday for this drawing and now find it to be one of the top viewed TG Fan Arts on Google Images!  I did not think I would get such a reaction to this picture, so thank you for coming by and making my day! x L

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