Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Tourist & IOGraph

Hey, lookie what I did! A character NOT in profile! I am so proud. This man is The Tourist:

I've been working on the other half's computer a lot this last wee while getting all this art done.  The Boy recently downloaded this wonderful software called IOGraph which tracks the movement of your mouse over a period of time and makes art from it!  It's wonderful, kinda like an etch-a-sketch which you leave running in the background.  I decided to track the mouse as I coloured in the Tourist and this is the IOGraph I created:

This was timed at 1.5 hours and covered me opening photoshop and colouring the Tourist to saving the .psd and IOGraph.  Pretty cool, huh?  You can see where my mouse has been going backwards and forwards from the layers menu on the right hand side and the colour picker button on the left.  The dots, I believe, are periods of inactivity in the mouse which makes this kind of ink blot, which's a pretty neat idea.  It's either that or areas of higher density.  I'm not sure and the website tells me nothing.  Anyway go download it, it's wonderful fun!

Still waiting to scan and colour in my granny I drew a few days ago.  Have also added another page to my novel/sketchbook which I am dying to scan & colour too.  Will get these done soon.

x L

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