Friday, July 22, 2011

Run Cycle - Legs

So here I am trying my first ever hand-drawn run cycle.  Been getting back into the swing of things recently, cleaning up frames for Mark Haldane on his Masters project, so I'm back in the studio (at last!), with my wee desk set up and everything.  Took a break from cleaning up yesterday to sit down and attempt some animating, which I really needed to do having spent the entirety of last year only inbetweening and cleaning-up.  Can say I'm getting pretty doss at those but cannot say the same for keyframing.  So run cycle it was.

Also I only have the legs so far, and they will be the legs of the wee girl from our animation.  And no she does not have feet.  We're going for childish simplicity with the whole look.  We're really big fans of the Bird Box animation "I'll Get the Ice Creams", which has the best comedy timing I have ever seen in a cartoon, and an incredibly similar look to what we'd imagined for our own film.

I also really love the animation "Thought of You" by Ryan J. Woodward.  My friend linked this to me and the woman's feet are exactly what I had in my mind during character design (if you watch from the 38th second to the 50th, you can see what I mean).

I will try and get the rest of the run cycle done as soon as.  Starting a new job come the first of August so animation and art will be thin on the ground for a bit, which deeply saddens me.  Our 4th year team are all back together though so the animation is back on track with a whole summer's worth of brand new ideas.  I will update you on the progress as it happens.  The link for our blog again can be found here, if anyone is interested.

More soon.


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