Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Drawing 29/09/11

I really struggled with life drawing this week.  I tried using colour for this particular session, which was entitled 'Theatrical Lighting of Sitting and Standing Poses', as I thought the variety of lighting would be best justified using a coloured medium.  Turns out I suck at using colour, and have hence decided to stick to boring old monochromic media for the time being.  I was so angry at my first attempt I tore the page out and dumped it.  Rookie mistake, I should have kept for future reference to learn and progress from, but I was having such a bad day that it provided the release I needed at that moment in time.  

Things have changed quite considerably in class for me from prior to the summer, and not really in the best of ways. This morning I'd had an encounter which got to me, and sitting in a dimly lit and quiet room was the last place I really wanted to be.  My mind wasn't in the right place to be sitting patiently drawing, and it really came out in my work.  I'm not happy with any of it.  Every pose frustrated me and the whole session was just uncomfortable.  I persevered though, and sat through both halves of the class (even though every single part of me was wanting to bail during break time) and I'm glad I did.  It's good to have bad days, and push through them.  It's still my worst life drawing to date, but it's still not that bad.  At least it's a nice wee reminder to stay motivated, especially under emotional stress.

The first two poses were 15 minutes (the coloured one using those soft leaded coloured pencils you get, the remainder using graphite or 4B pencil), the third was 10 minutes and the last three 20 minutes.  You can see how little I got done for how long the sittings were, I was not focussed at all.  It was the rare week we get a lady too!  Such a waste.  Next week shall be better!

x L

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Animatic Scenes to Date

Here is a wee compilation of all the scenes I've managed to draw in the last two and a bit weeks.  Bambi, our editor, has the complete animatic file with the rest of the boards and what not, but she has been sensible and decided to enjoy this unnaturally lovely sunshine we're having today by not being inside.  Our most complete animatic has to be ready for our peer review on Monday so it'll be up on our film blog when it's ready.

Tonight our local shopping centre is doing a late-night student lock-in so this may be about all I'm going to do for the day.  Tomorrow I'm going to attempt the dog-walker scenes with my newly designed dog!  Oh the fun it's going to be.  I will hopefully get the dog's designs up soon too, so look forward to that.

x L

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Animatic See-Saw Third Revise

Okay, still working on our rough animatic.  Peer review is next Monday so I really have a shipload to get done before then.  This is my current revise of the girl on the see-saw scene.  Just away to start on the close up which follows directly after this clip, then onto her storming offscreen.  


Got three scenes left to sketch up before Monday and three characters to design and turn, and maybe have a look at colouring the boy.  Too much to do and not enough hours in the day.  The Beatles had it good with their 8 day weeks.

x L

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Drawing 22/09/11

Another life drawing session has come to pass and this week we had the lovely Douglas doing quick standing and sitting poses.  We started off with a series of two minute sittings (which was far too fast for me, I need to learn to draw less but show more, if that makes sense), then moved onto some five minute poses, and finished with three 15 minute poses and one final 10 minute pose.  I bought myself some lovely pencils to work with today, the ones that are different shades of brown and grey with really soft nibs, but negated to buy appropriate paper or sharpening implements for them.  Another trip to the art shop sometime this week and I'll be ready to use them next Thursday.  So long charcoal!

Today I just settled with my graphite pencil again due to the speed of the poses.  I am incredibly happy with a lot of the drawings, they actually have a decent resemblance to the life model which is always a bonus.  Think I might start taking a couple of the better ones and mounting them in my portfolio for hand-ins next year.  Might as well get started now, it'll save me a task next April when I'm stressed out my nut.

x L

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Animatic Clips

Just been continuing on from last week trying to time out the boards and get a wee semblance of an animatic on the go.  Got some lovely feedback from my very observant classmate Fraser Murdoch on my post with the wee girl on the see-saw.  With his advice, coupled with the advice of my director, I've played about with the clip and come up with this:


The bear is more obviously a useless see-saw companion, and I don't have to worry about timing a see-saw jump, so it's all much better.  There is still more to add but it will need to be tomorrow.  I've also been working on the scene where the girl goes to the bush and confronts the boy about hurting her teddy.  The boy hurting the teddy scene is still to be done, it comes directly after the girl on the see-saw scene hence why I haven't started it yet, but it will all make sense soon.

Originally we were going to have the boy hiding in the bush and when the girl confronts him he smiles and jovially 'tags' her before running off. The girl, still being mad, chases after him, but in them playing chase they eventually become friends.  I, apparently because I am in a 'soppy mood' today, suggested we make it a bit more light-hearted and instead of hitting her he kisses her on the cheek (like in kiss-chase) and the print he leaves on her face will stain her cheeks to look like she's blushing.


So yes, enjoy!  Again, any and all feedback would be very much welcome!  More to come soon.

x L

Monday, September 19, 2011

Girl on See-Saw


Or teeter-tot as they seem to call them in America (crazy Americans).  As a part of our new story, and so boards and animatic, we felt our little female protagonist would appear more lonelier if we put her and her wee teddy bear companion on a see-saw rather than a swing.  A swing can be played on quite happily by one person but a see-saw really does require two, and as we want to show the audience she has no friend to play with, a see-saw became our replacement.  Her loneliness becomes immediately apparent when we see that the bear makes a terrible see-saw partner, and it gives an understanding to her reaction to the boy when she sees him.  She is lonely and wants a friend, and he is lost and in need of a friendly face.  

I've been boarding and scheduling away these last few days (last week of course, the weekend was lost to far too much television and far too little dissertation) and have managed to cobble together the first wee clip of her and her bear on the see-saw.  There is something completely and utterly wrong with the timing somewhere but I've been looking at it too long to see exactly what.  

Feedback would be very, very welcome if anyone would care to give me some pointers.  I'll hopefully have more of a sequence tomorrow so I will try my best to upload that too if I can.


x L

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Header

After having just boring, old, plain, boring and old white font as my header for some time now I figured I would try my hand at something a bit more interesting! And so, huzzah, a new header! 

Now, I must profess I am no self-portrait artist, very much unlike my new flatmate (the superbly talented) Jenny Pattison, but I was very much inspired to try my hand at something self-portaity after seeing her amazing work.  Mine can certainly not be compared in any measure to what she can produce, but I am very proud of my wee photo-trace and colour in.  It has my likeness and therefore is my portrait!

It is the weekend but I am planing on not entirely spending it all watching period dramas or playing turn-based fantasy RPGs.  Maybe get up the next wee portion of rough animatic up if my computer will let me.

x L

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Drawing 15/09/11

First life drawing sesh of the semester!  Hurrah!  Today we had the wonderful Eddie and we were looking at  various head poses and different directional light sources (the second to last had him holding a strip light with a faulty wire in his lap and the last had the faulty strip light dangling precariously over his head with two very flimsy pieces of string - budget cuts at it's finest).  I'm very out of the swing of life drawing having done none at all over the summer so it was a bit of a struggle trying to find my groove.  

All sittings were around the 25 minute mark, maybe give or take a few minutes or so.  The first two I did using my old faithful medium, willow charcoal, but I had completely forgot to bring any putty rubber with me so it felt like mistake city, and I was nervous to put down any definite lines (I have to learn to stop being so restrictive!).  The second two I tried using a 3B graphite pencil my Mam had bought me last term.  It is literally just a glorified normal pencil so I felt like I was cheating using it in life drawing.  Still want to try and get me some colour in my drawings so might go buy some coloured paper or goodness knows what to change things up.  We shall see.

Away to hopefully start doing some more animatic work now that we've got our story mostly together and loosely boarded.  One half of my team are not yet made it in today after our wonderful night out with the gloriously friendly Bert Wednesday crew last night.  Today may not be my most productive of days.  If it is I shall upload.

x L 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boy Jump

And we're back!  After a summer of far too much inactivity my group and I are finally back in the studio and back working on our film!  So far we've scrapped everything we worked on last semester and started for the third (and hopefully final) time working out our story and roughly boarding some scenes together.  I have started taking some of the rough ideas onto the computer and trying to time them out digitally.  


I have started with our simplest scene, which is the wee Boy jumping scared into a bush (or shrub as I am being asked to call it as 'bush' is apparently too lewd a word to say aloud).  We're still working on what might possibly be in the background so these are still rough too.  We're very much trying to work to the guidelines of the fabulous Mr. Bruce Block, playing with deep and flat spaces, etc, but are worried the film is becoming far too flat overall, so this scene may change to a slightly different perspective over time.

Anyway, it's only day three and it's not much to begin with but at least it's a start.  Expect more updates very soon, and please, please feel free to leave feedback as it is very much needed and appreciated!

x L