Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Drawing 15/09/11

First life drawing sesh of the semester!  Hurrah!  Today we had the wonderful Eddie and we were looking at  various head poses and different directional light sources (the second to last had him holding a strip light with a faulty wire in his lap and the last had the faulty strip light dangling precariously over his head with two very flimsy pieces of string - budget cuts at it's finest).  I'm very out of the swing of life drawing having done none at all over the summer so it was a bit of a struggle trying to find my groove.  

All sittings were around the 25 minute mark, maybe give or take a few minutes or so.  The first two I did using my old faithful medium, willow charcoal, but I had completely forgot to bring any putty rubber with me so it felt like mistake city, and I was nervous to put down any definite lines (I have to learn to stop being so restrictive!).  The second two I tried using a 3B graphite pencil my Mam had bought me last term.  It is literally just a glorified normal pencil so I felt like I was cheating using it in life drawing.  Still want to try and get me some colour in my drawings so might go buy some coloured paper or goodness knows what to change things up.  We shall see.

Away to hopefully start doing some more animatic work now that we've got our story mostly together and loosely boarded.  One half of my team are not yet made it in today after our wonderful night out with the gloriously friendly Bert Wednesday crew last night.  Today may not be my most productive of days.  If it is I shall upload.

x L 

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