Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life Drawing 22/09/11

Another life drawing session has come to pass and this week we had the lovely Douglas doing quick standing and sitting poses.  We started off with a series of two minute sittings (which was far too fast for me, I need to learn to draw less but show more, if that makes sense), then moved onto some five minute poses, and finished with three 15 minute poses and one final 10 minute pose.  I bought myself some lovely pencils to work with today, the ones that are different shades of brown and grey with really soft nibs, but negated to buy appropriate paper or sharpening implements for them.  Another trip to the art shop sometime this week and I'll be ready to use them next Thursday.  So long charcoal!

Today I just settled with my graphite pencil again due to the speed of the poses.  I am incredibly happy with a lot of the drawings, they actually have a decent resemblance to the life model which is always a bonus.  Think I might start taking a couple of the better ones and mounting them in my portfolio for hand-ins next year.  Might as well get started now, it'll save me a task next April when I'm stressed out my nut.

x L

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