Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Drawing 29/09/11

I really struggled with life drawing this week.  I tried using colour for this particular session, which was entitled 'Theatrical Lighting of Sitting and Standing Poses', as I thought the variety of lighting would be best justified using a coloured medium.  Turns out I suck at using colour, and have hence decided to stick to boring old monochromic media for the time being.  I was so angry at my first attempt I tore the page out and dumped it.  Rookie mistake, I should have kept for future reference to learn and progress from, but I was having such a bad day that it provided the release I needed at that moment in time.  

Things have changed quite considerably in class for me from prior to the summer, and not really in the best of ways. This morning I'd had an encounter which got to me, and sitting in a dimly lit and quiet room was the last place I really wanted to be.  My mind wasn't in the right place to be sitting patiently drawing, and it really came out in my work.  I'm not happy with any of it.  Every pose frustrated me and the whole session was just uncomfortable.  I persevered though, and sat through both halves of the class (even though every single part of me was wanting to bail during break time) and I'm glad I did.  It's good to have bad days, and push through them.  It's still my worst life drawing to date, but it's still not that bad.  At least it's a nice wee reminder to stay motivated, especially under emotional stress.

The first two poses were 15 minutes (the coloured one using those soft leaded coloured pencils you get, the remainder using graphite or 4B pencil), the third was 10 minutes and the last three 20 minutes.  You can see how little I got done for how long the sittings were, I was not focussed at all.  It was the rare week we get a lady too!  Such a waste.  Next week shall be better!

x L

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