Friday, September 16, 2011

New Header

After having just boring, old, plain, boring and old white font as my header for some time now I figured I would try my hand at something a bit more interesting! And so, huzzah, a new header! 

Now, I must profess I am no self-portrait artist, very much unlike my new flatmate (the superbly talented) Jenny Pattison, but I was very much inspired to try my hand at something self-portaity after seeing her amazing work.  Mine can certainly not be compared in any measure to what she can produce, but I am very proud of my wee photo-trace and colour in.  It has my likeness and therefore is my portrait!

It is the weekend but I am planing on not entirely spending it all watching period dramas or playing turn-based fantasy RPGs.  Maybe get up the next wee portion of rough animatic up if my computer will let me.

x L

1 comment:

  1. daww, i just read this, you big softy! and this header has the jenny seal of approval, it's osm. the paisley print pattern is a nice touch :)