Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog Run Cycles - The Beginning

Animal run cycles - YEY!  Oh my, all the fun we can have when we give something four legs.  Working out a dog run cycle has been a challenge and a half, but I have learned so much today it has definitely been worth all the brain strain.

Started off by researching roughly how a dog's leg works, and what sort of basic shapes and movements I would need to tackle my own run cycle.  I've been using a wee supplement from ImagineFX on Anatomy, which I highly recommend everyone and anyone getting if you are interested in exactly how and why humans and animals move and look the way they do.  It's so in depth and explained everything to me perfectly.  I stole some of their drawings as notes and pinned them up behind my lightbox for reference, then got under way.

I've also enlisted the help of an old college buddy of mine, and second year animator Tara, who is a genius when it comes to animal cycles and, to be fair, animal art in general.  I went to her for advice on this dog cycle and twenty minutes later she's roughed out and line tested a seven frame cycle for me as a guide!


So with my guide and anatomy notes I got to work and created this:


Which you can see has only two of it's four legs in place.  Then I added the final two legs, cleaned-up a wee bit and got this:


Not bad for a first attempt, don't you think?  Well, at the very least I have impressed myself.  I can see what needs changed and obviously there's still a lot to be added, but for a generic attempt at a four-legged run cycle I am very happy with today's work.  

This run cycle is also going to be used for clean-up tests when it's finished.  I'm hoping to try and work out exactly how I want it done, and ensure I get the look that I want with my final frames.  All in good time though, I still need to add ears to this wee furball yet.  That's going to be all the fun.

x L


  1. This is awesome for a first attempt! =D Looks great. The flow of his body is workin really well, the only thing that sticks out is his set of right legs, think they are twinning too much. Just show that the legs are coming after one another more than together. That's all I'd say though, it really does look great! Have you seen the new dulux ad, pretty awesome

  2. Thank you for pointing that out Suzanne, I forget you worked on this kinda thing last year with the Hunted dog/beast :) I've had so much bother trying to work out which leg hits the ground in which order that I've completely forgot about timing and spacing them out properly. I've also realised I've bent the front legs the wrong way so I will be correcting both in my next attempt.

    I'm loving the advert! Just wish I had it frame by frame so I could really look at what the dogs are doing! They run far too quick for being such big heavy creatures :D x