Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life Drawing 06/10/11

A better day in life drawing!  Today's class was 'Pushing and Pulling from Different Angles' and we had the ever lovely Eddie, but he's put his back out apparently, so I think he really struggled with some of the sittings, poor man!  He was so good to still get up and give 100% for every pose, only faltering once (he had all his balance on the ball of his foot and his back arched backwards, which mustn't have been comfortable for him).  

Staying as far away from colour as I could I settled with a boring old graphite pencil, but I am very happy with my drawings this week.  So much more than last time!  Reinhard was on top form today too, he had a giggle at my first drawing as I only managed to complete two of the four fingers on Eddie's hand, making it look like he was rocking out.  Trust me, he wasn't, but I don't want to change it, it makes me smile now to look at.

Anyway, first three drawings were 10 minutes, the fourth 20 minutes, the next page of three were all 10 again, and the final drawing was 15.

x L

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