Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life Drawing 24/11/11

Final life drawing of the term! Sad times.  I've missed a couple over the last few weeks due to dissertation writing and this glorious light-headedness I've found myself with of late.  I was glad I made it for the final sitting though.  It was quiet and Reinhard asked us what we would like to do, which was cool.  We settled for a mixture of standing, sitting and lying poses, all between 10 and 20 minutes each.  I've only put up five of the six I drew, one was very much just warming up, there wasn't much going on but light, unintelligible scribbling.  

It was an okay sitting, not that great and not that bad; one of those ones where it takes you most of your effort to just get the head right.  They turned out okay in the end, just felt like a total uphill battle to get there.

All drawn with graphite pencils.

x L

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Most Up-To-Date Animatic YET

So we've finished the boards and have them proudly displayed above the Director's desk:

They loom over us as a giant reminder of all the work we still have to do.  In finishing the boards I've since been able to finalise the animatic too, making the last 30 seconds a lot more clearer than we had on the post-it boards.  Now it actually makes sense.  The timing's had to change a wee bit too, it was flying through the final reveal just a bit too quick for my liking.  Here is what we gots now:

Please let us know what you think.  The intro may be getting looked at... in fact, it will be getting looked at 'cause we've redesigned the town a bit, so please bear that in mind, the fly through will be better, or at the very least different.  We're still sitting at just one second under two minutes, so it's a very manageable piece.  Suba's working on our first layout as I type so doping and animating will be beginning forthwith! Hurrah!  

Again, please let us know what you think!  Any feedback is good feedback.

x L

Monday, November 14, 2011

Inked Storyboards

Here's the final boards for my 4th year student film 'Inked'.  Been working on them since last Monday, and I think (after ten or so months of rewrites) we've finally settled on the story!  Now it's onto making a Production Chart, and then Layouts next week with Suba.  The only thing missing from these boards are the SFX notes and working out the timing - which I did actually sit and work out, but managed to work out wrong the first time round.  They will get added in later, when I get that all reorganised and fixed.

Anyway, enjoy!  Hope they make sense.

x L

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Drawing 03/11/10

Bit of a meh life drawing for me this week. Had a brand new model that I've never drawn before, which was good fun! She was a lovely young lady, who I've already forgotten the name of (sorry!) who did some very nice 'Obstacle Course' posing for us. I really need to get back into the way of drawing the female form though, I really struggled to get anything drawn, at all, in the ample amount of time we were given.  Couldn't seem to get anything finished at all, which I was really disappointed with.  Really need to start stepping up my game!

Each pose was 10 minutes, apart from the second to last picture (left hand side on last image) which was 20 minutes.  All were done using graphite pencils.

x L