Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Drawing 03/11/10

Bit of a meh life drawing for me this week. Had a brand new model that I've never drawn before, which was good fun! She was a lovely young lady, who I've already forgotten the name of (sorry!) who did some very nice 'Obstacle Course' posing for us. I really need to get back into the way of drawing the female form though, I really struggled to get anything drawn, at all, in the ample amount of time we were given.  Couldn't seem to get anything finished at all, which I was really disappointed with.  Really need to start stepping up my game!

Each pose was 10 minutes, apart from the second to last picture (left hand side on last image) which was 20 minutes.  All were done using graphite pencils.

x L

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  1. I like :D you have such clean neat lines even when sketching and I love how solid the forms look. You could maybe use a pen or a brush pen for the shorter poses, it might force you to draw faster if you find that time is a problem? I dunno I'm just rambling now haha