Tuesday, February 28, 2012

100th Post/Life Drawing 28/02/12

I feel terrible saying this is the first life drawing I've been to this semester, but with all the work I've got going on, coupled with my mystery illness, life drawing has not been my top priority.  But today I made it along!  Felt a wee bit hairy halfway through but I persevered and got a couple of good drawings out of it!  The third years have their life drawing sessions on a Thursday morning so may crash that for the remainder of the semester to catch up.

We had the wonderful Eddie today, and we were drawing his head from various angles.  I was really chuffed with drawing 2 and 3, not so much 1 or 4 (at all, after 15 minutes of 4 I gave up and drew his hand instead).  First three sittings were 15 minutes and the final two were 20 minutes (the hand was just a couple of minutes).  All were drawn using graphite pencils.

Also, 100th post!!  WOOO!  And to celebrate (not really, but I thought it'd be nice to mention) I've updated the look of the blog and finally got round to changing the web address from lynneface to lynnelaurenson, which I think sounds a lot more professional.  The web banner was courtesy of artist/photographer Reece Morton at A4PS and I absolutely love it!  His website's still a working progress, but I can tell you now his art is bloody impressive, keep an eye out for it coming soon.  Mega thanks mate! 


x L

Scene 06 Girl Layer Rough Keys

Here are the rough keys for the Girl layer of Scene 06.  Getting really annoyed at myself for not spending more time on designing her hair, but tbh I've been struggling so long with it that I have just had to finally settle with a design and be happy with it.  I'm too far behind to keep designing and redesigning her hair when it looks fine as it is.  I just think it could, maybe look better.  Meh.

So yeah, any comment and crits would be fantastic!  I'm finding it difficult to see it anymore, since I've been looking at it for so long, so fresh eyes are very, very welcome just now.


x L

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Procrastination Drawings 01

Taking breaks from animating usually involves me facebooking, twittering, Daily Mailing (I know, I KNOW, it's just they always have stories on ants or turtles and WE LOVE STORIES ABOUT ANTS AND TURTLES), or streaming TV shows online.  For a change, and because it'll make me a much better artist, I've been picking up a sheet of paper and a pencil instead and spending some time doodling or sketching.  

Here is the first of my wee trio I've been drawing these last couple days.  LOVE being back in Photoshop colouring, there is nothing more fun!  I won't be saying that when we're colouring for the film, this I know, but when it's for funsies it's awesome.  Having mad problems with the Photoshop I've got though, seems to no longer want to save anything as a jpeg, which is confusing and frustrating.  Think I'm going to have to find myself a newer version...

The other two sketches will be posted poste haste, (as in, as soon as I've coloured them.)  Thinking I may print them off and add them to my sketchbook.  We shall see.

x L

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scene 04 and Clean-Up Test


Been far too long since I last blogged.  Since November I've been having a lot of health issues, so getting better has been a big priority of late, and things such as my blog, and unfortunately the film, have had to take a step back.  I'm still currently "under investigation" at the doctors, and on waiting lists for this treatment and the next, so I am back at uni as much as I can muster and learning to cope with permo-lightheadedness.  

I have managed to finalise a full scene!  Here I present to you Scene 04:

The one where the Boy jumps into the bush.  It is being inbetweened as we speak.  Spent this morning looking at what we plan on doing for clean-up.  I worked on a film last summer for Masters student Mark Haldane and he used ink in his clean-up process, which I have decided to go on and copy, with wonderful results (short test so best played on loop):

Everything's very tense in the studio just now, everyone's feeling The Fear.  It'll be an interesting couple of months in the lead up to final hand-in (30th April).  Have started looking at getting a digital portfolio together for the blog, so will hopefully have that up and running very soon!  Keep your eyes peeled.

More soon!

x L