Tuesday, February 28, 2012

100th Post/Life Drawing 28/02/12

I feel terrible saying this is the first life drawing I've been to this semester, but with all the work I've got going on, coupled with my mystery illness, life drawing has not been my top priority.  But today I made it along!  Felt a wee bit hairy halfway through but I persevered and got a couple of good drawings out of it!  The third years have their life drawing sessions on a Thursday morning so may crash that for the remainder of the semester to catch up.

We had the wonderful Eddie today, and we were drawing his head from various angles.  I was really chuffed with drawing 2 and 3, not so much 1 or 4 (at all, after 15 minutes of 4 I gave up and drew his hand instead).  First three sittings were 15 minutes and the final two were 20 minutes (the hand was just a couple of minutes).  All were drawn using graphite pencils.

Also, 100th post!!  WOOO!  And to celebrate (not really, but I thought it'd be nice to mention) I've updated the look of the blog and finally got round to changing the web address from lynneface to lynnelaurenson, which I think sounds a lot more professional.  The web banner was courtesy of artist/photographer Reece Morton at A4PS and I absolutely love it!  His website's still a working progress, but I can tell you now his art is bloody impressive, keep an eye out for it coming soon.  Mega thanks mate! 


x L

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