Thursday, February 23, 2012

Procrastination Drawings 01

Taking breaks from animating usually involves me facebooking, twittering, Daily Mailing (I know, I KNOW, it's just they always have stories on ants or turtles and WE LOVE STORIES ABOUT ANTS AND TURTLES), or streaming TV shows online.  For a change, and because it'll make me a much better artist, I've been picking up a sheet of paper and a pencil instead and spending some time doodling or sketching.  

Here is the first of my wee trio I've been drawing these last couple days.  LOVE being back in Photoshop colouring, there is nothing more fun!  I won't be saying that when we're colouring for the film, this I know, but when it's for funsies it's awesome.  Having mad problems with the Photoshop I've got though, seems to no longer want to save anything as a jpeg, which is confusing and frustrating.  Think I'm going to have to find myself a newer version...

The other two sketches will be posted poste haste, (as in, as soon as I've coloured them.)  Thinking I may print them off and add them to my sketchbook.  We shall see.

x L

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