Friday, April 6, 2012

Scene 09 Dog Run

Been a wee while since I've updated, so I thought I would share the current scene I've been working on.  Spent the last day and a bit working with the dog run cycle keys I got from Tara, flipping them, re-positioning them, cleaning-up/scanning/colouring them and finally re-timing them in Final Cut Pro.  My first re-timing attempt turned out like so:

As you can see, it wasn't perfect.  I put it past my Director and Lead Background Artist for advice and we decided to slow it down and re-time, which lengthened the animation to about 40 frames, and instantly made it looks better.  I added in the loose dog lead, which gave us this:

Which I am so chuffed about!  Especially 'cause I managed to nail the follow-through on the lead first time!  So, so happy.  Obviously, the dog will be running behind the fence, not on top of it.  I removed the fence layer to give you all a better view of the run cycle.  The dog should also be pink, not grey, as the colour will have spread through his fur by this point.  

The run cycle is actually half the length of what we'd previously timed out in the animatic, so I'm saving myself a good 8 seconds of animating all in all for the whole scene which I'm very pleased with.  It does mean I have to re-dope everything, which is a curse but will take up so much less time than animating those extra 8 seconds.  Good times all round.

Finally, here's an awesome wee compilation of all the dog & lead frames on the one page.  Wish I had ownership of the dog keys 'cause I would have loved to have put this in a frame for degree show.  Hopefully I can do it for another scene.

x L