Monday, July 30, 2012

Ice Cream Girls

I promised a post about pretty ladies, so here it is!

A very dear friend of mine from back home recently asked me to design a logo for his new ice cream company.  It couldn't have come at a better time, I was fresh out of art school and initially I had little to do but holiday.  Also, my first commission!  HUZZAH!  Good times. 

The brief he gave me was just awesome.  The design was to be a Zooey Deschanel-esque beauty as a 1950s diner girl, holding an ice cream. How cool is that?  Well fun!  So I amassed a collection of reference material from the web and sketched out a few quick designs to give the guys some options, and myself a good idea of which direction to take.  

They most approved of this lady here...

...especially the levels of 'boobage' (I had to ask them if emphasized boobs were okay,  as I was unsure if she was to be a more 1950s girl or a pin up.  We went with pin up).

So with this in mind I got started on these four beauties...

Pin up, Zooey-esque, diner girl, ice cream cone. BOOM! Done! 

Then it hit me, pin up girl... ice cream cone... what if we played this Dita Von Teese style?  I emailed the guys and asked them what they thought about a girl in a cone?  They liked it, so this lady was born...
Now I'm not gonna lie, I struggled with her.  Reference material was thin on the ground for martini glass dancers, but she came out not too bad in the end.  After sending all five girls to my friend, the cone dancer came out the clear favourite, so I continued on to draw five more cone girls, which, again, I struggled with, but they turned out not too bad.

I got these five girls drawn, but you'll see the first and last pair are very similar.  I would find as I got halfway through drawing them I could draw them better or different, but I couldn't opt them out from the option list so they got sent too.

Whilst writing this post I've had a reply form the guys as to which they'd like me to continue on with, but this I will only continue to blog once she is finished.  My friend kindly allowed me to blog about the work I'm doing for him, but I'd still like to keep the final girl secret until she's finalised and in the hands of her rightful owner.  I will keep you posted as to her final progress.

x L