Saturday, August 11, 2012

Keith Wedding Commission

A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned by my sister, Ingrid, for some drawings as a present for her best friend's, Lisa's, wedding.  My sister was one of the three bridesmaids (the other two being the bride's sisters) and she was absolutely over the moon.  She wanted to make sure the gift was both personal and memorable, so she came to me with the idea of a series of small drawings which symbolised key moments in the happy couple's relationship.  I couldn't have thought of a more lovely idea so while I got to work roughing out some of the ideas Ingrid had given me, Ingrid searched high and low for the perfect frame to hang them in.

After a good dig around most shops in Aberdeen, Ingrid found this absolute BEAUT from Next (in the picture it's fairly cream in colour, but it's a lot whiter in actuality).  We both knew instantly it'd be perfect for a wedding gift:

She gave me the dimensions of the frames and I got to work on her list of ideas.  I began with the most difficult, which was drawing Lisa and her husband-to-be, Lee, in wedding outfits.  I had not met Lee at this point and had very little reference material to go on photo-wise for either of the happy couple.  I also knew very little about what they'd be wearing on their big day, so it had to be entirely made up.  What I did know however, was that Lisa would be wearing a strapless dress and Lee a green kilt.  I also managed to steal the most beautiful picture of the couple from Facebook, which I used as reference for their likeness.  

Now their wedding has since been and gone (and BOY, what a wedding it was! Absolutely superb!) and I now know exactly how they were dressed on their wedding day, and it wasn't much like these two pictures.  Irregardless, this is my hindsightless interpretation:
The rest of the frames were filled with drawings symbolic to their relationship.  Lisa, a teacher, first met Lee, who works for Shell on the rigs, at a bowling alley.

They got engaged whilst on a cruise down the Hudson river in New York City.

All the pictures were drawn digitally in colour then desaturated into black and white. With the white frame as a backdrop we thought the black and white pictures would set it off the best.  As a final touch, I added a hint of pinkish red to each frame; in the skylines, the fingernails, Lee's bow tie, Lisa's lips, the apple and the strips on the bowling pins.  It lifted each picture away from being entirely monochromatic.

Now, please excuse my terrible photography skills, a friend of mine tried to teach me how to use an SLR once but my patience, it seems, was engaged elsewhere that day.  Here is the final frame in all it's glory (and trust me, the frame was a lot more white than any of these pictures make it out to be):

Now I have to say a huge thank you to Art Machine Shetland, for saving my backside when I found out - on the day of the wedding (eep!) - that Shetland Litho shut early on a Friday.  Now I know leaving the printing until the last minute was maybe not the brightest of ideas, but that was my schedule.  Next time I know to phone ahead.  Thankfully, the lovely lasses at the Shetland Times phoned the other print units in Shetland and the lovely folk at the Art Machine got it all printed and trimmed for me.  Magical folk!

The wedding, like I said, was absolutely fantastic, and I have heard through my sister that the beautiful bride loved the present.  Many congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Keith, thank you for a wonderful weekend, glad you liked the gift!  All my love! 

x L