Saturday, October 27, 2012


Waaaaay back in May of this year, in the midst of a string of go-nowhere job opportunities, I received an email from Dundee-based animation company Ink.Digital asking if I would be interesting in testing for a position with them.  After some back and forth I nervously went down to the studios to test inbetween a dozen or so frames from Titeuf, a French film they had worked on a year or so previously.  After my two days of testing, I handed in my work, and thankfully it was very well received. Vicky, the Creative Supervisor, sat me down and offered me a full-time position on the spot and I started shortly after, around the beginning of August.

Since then I've been hauling late nights and missing out on weekends, and although I may occasionally complain after pulling back to back 60-70 hour weeks, I wouldn't change it for the world!  I am so lucky to be in the position I am, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity they have provided me.  I've been there just shy of three months and so far I've got four adverts under my belt with a fifth in production and a sixth on the horizon.

The first advert was mid-production when I started.  It was a short 30 second ad for First Scotrail to market their "Club 55" promotion.  I helped animate a bunch of the wee whizzing arrows, the exploding city names and the end frame.  It was actually a really good place to start as it was a nice and easy way to break me into the software they use (Anime Studio Pro).

The second and third were for an Edinburgh-based property company called ESPC.  I animated the dog and helped with some of the 3D textures in the first, and animated 99% of the children in the second.  

My most recent ad has been for Edinburgh's "Winter In Edinburgh" campaign, which has gone on to receive a lot of both extremely positive and negative press (like Marmite, you either loved it or hated it, it seems).  I for one am very proud of the work I accomplished in this ad, which has not only seen me venture into the petrifying depths of environmental design, (which I have previously avoided due to my huge lack of knowledge on perspective) but also the character design of Edinburgh-based Tom Kitchin, which got sent to his own wife to be approved.  Christ it was nerve-wracking, but thankfully it all turned out very well under Vicky's supervision and I'm hoping to be able to add some it to my portfolio once the two-minute film for Marketing Edinburgh is completed later in the year.

My only other news is that in 143 day I will be living and working in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!  I managed to get myself a place on Walt Disney World's Cultural Representative Program as a Representative of the UK where I'll be working in Merchandise (this video gives a very small insight into what I'll be doing) at the UK pavilion.  It'll be strange to leave Dundee after 6 years, but my GOD am I excited to get to Florida!  What a chapter that's going to be.

Anyway, I have a couple of wee commissions, that I'd had to put on the back-burner due to work, but which I will hopefully be getting round to soon completing.  They'll be up here as soon as they're done.

Until then!

x L