Sunday, December 9, 2012

Irn Bru Christmas Cards 2012 - Part I

This is just a wee post which I'm going to expand upon as soon as I get my hands on the original assets, but it's something I've been very excited about since I got the news a couple of months ago, and now that it's in the public sphere I have to talk about it before I burst!

This Autumn I had the very, VERY lucky opportunity to design two Christmas cards for Irn-Bru!  We were approached with a brief and rough sketch of what the client were looking for and I was set the task of realising it!  I then passed it to my Creative Supervisor, Vicki Haworth and she sorted them out,  digitally painted them and made them look BEAUTIFUL! I am so, SO proud of the work I did on this.  It is possibly my favourite work to date since I started at Ink.

Apologies for the poor quality pictures.  I am no photographer it seems.

Like I said, I'll be expanding on this post when, hopefully, the assets are released for me to use and I can better show my creative process.  Till then you should go out and buy a case of 24 pack Irn-Bru cans and get your hands on these cards!

x L


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Congratulations!

    1. Lol, what's awesome is that new avatar you've got! LOVE IT! :D Thank you Mark! x