Sunday, October 6, 2013

Winter in Edinburgh 2012 - Building Art

So in winter 2012 I was working on an advert for Visit Edinburgh, entitled "Winter in Edinburgh".  It was a 30 second animated advert encouraging viewers to visit Edinburgh in the winter (obvz).  An extended two-minute advert was also made, but I believe it has yet to air.  For these adverts I did a lot of background building line-work (colour was added by my supervisor, Vicky Haworth) and character animation. I also did some character design here and there too.  This post will concentrate on the building line-art, I will make another for the character design and should hopefully get the animation from this advert, and the others I worked on, into some form of showreel soon! 

I will be the first to put my hand up and say I'm no environmental artist.  It took some gentle coaxing from Vicky to get me to do it, and it took me days to get into the swing of it.  Vicky had a very particular vision for the style she wanted; very uneven and deliberately imperfect.  In the advert you can see that we cut the flat planes up and made them very 'pop-up book 3D' like.  I can honestly say I am really proud of this work.  My first real proper attempt at background design and I like to think it turned out very well.  It's a style I think I will definitely adopt for my own personal work in the future.

Anyway, enjoy.  There were a lot of buildings to go through, but these are my personal favourites.  More soon!
Balmoral Hotel © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
American Express Building, George Street © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
Masonic Grand Lodge, George Street © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
[A modified] Centotre Italian Restaurant & Whistles, George Street © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
Market Street as viewed from Princes Street © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
St. Giles' Cathedral & the Statue of Adam Smith © Ink Animations Ltd 2012

Close-up St. Giles' Cathedral Door © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
Jenners © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
Bank of Scotland Building, The Mound © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
From Left to Right; James' Court, Golden Eagle Building, Lady Stair's Close & Wardrop Close, The Lawnmarket, Royal Mile © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
Old Tolbooth Wynd, Royal Mile © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
John Knox House, Royal Mile © Ink Animations Ltd 2012
Old Waverly Hotel, Princes Street © Ink Animations Ltd 2012

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Final Ice Cream Girl Design

So, last time we left off I'd just received word that the guys were interested in taking this design forward:

There was a lot to clean up; the line was still quite rough and the pose still wasn't 100% there yet.  The cone also needed to be drawn, and I had a bit of a problem with her feet so they got replaced too.  Eventually I got to this lady:

When re-jigging her pose I thought I might try moving the left arm away from the cone, spreading it out a little more into a girly 1950's pin-up pose.  I went through three different arm designs for the left arm, eventually winding back round to having her arm in the same place it was originally.  Sometimes things are better left alone, I guess!

And so began the colour process!  Gareth sent me this picture as reference and asked for a generalised colour palette based on the image.  I really liked the soft pinks and lilacs so used these as the basis for my girl.

So this is she in all her colourful glory:

The above picture is just flat colour, straight out of Photoshop, whilst the one below has a subtle layer of texture added to it to give it a slightly more authentic 1950's ad feel.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Irn Bru Christmas Cards 2012 - Part II

Finally got my hands on some of my assets from Ink.Digital last week, so I can now finally start posting some of the wonderful things I've doing over the last six months!  I have now officially, and very sadly, finished my time at Ink two weeks ago.  Made some wonderful friends there, who I am very much planning to keep in contact with while I am away.  I have learned so much in such a short space of time, and all of it extremely valuable.  I have spent many a long night in the company of those fine folk and I can genuinely say they were the best thing about the job!  YOU WILL ALL BE VERY SORELY MISSED!  You know who you are!

Next step for me is a year in Walt Disney World, Florida, working as a 'Cultural Representative of the UK' in the UK Pavilion at EPCOT (which is fancy pants for 'selling merchandise dressed as a 1900s wench at Disney' for a year).  As of today I am at the 13-days-to-go mark.  Excitement is an understatement at this point!

So, I am going to apologise for the blog spamming to come over the next few days.  Gonna starting off with the Irn-Bru Christmas Card assets, since that was my last blog post and because it was the MOST AWESOMEST project I did BY FAR! :D

Here are the final full-res images for the cards (much better than those awful pictures I took):

© Ink Animations Ltd 2012

© Ink Animations Ltd 2012

And some of the rough layouts and character developments for the 'Sacrificial Penguin':
© Ink Animations Ltd 2012

Initially the scene was set in a mountain range, but that quickly turned to an iceberg (for those wily-eyed folks out there, you are correct, polar bears and penguins DO NOT co-exist, but both like to hang out on icebergs, so that stuck).  I also had to tone down the ferocity of the polar bear, intensify the fear of the sacrificed penguin and emphasize the pointed fin of the penguin at the back.

And here's a few of the layouts for the Snowmen:
© Ink Animations Ltd 2012  

I say 'a few' because we couldn't decide on the the right angle for these guys, or where the horizon line would work best.  I also wasn't entirely sure how best to portray the facial emotions on the snowmen.  Coal mouths weren't really expressive enough, so we played about with lines traced in the snow, which, as you can see from the final design above, was closest to the design we settled on. Also, my initial interpretation of the brief was that the snowman 'victim' had already melted, but this wasn't the case, I had to think of it more like a 'stick-up'.

Again, apologies in advance for the upcoming splurge of posts. Gonna try and get everything up before I leave on the 19th!

- L