Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Final Ice Cream Girl Design

So, last time we left off I'd just received word that the guys were interested in taking this design forward:

There was a lot to clean up; the line was still quite rough and the pose still wasn't 100% there yet.  The cone also needed to be drawn, and I had a bit of a problem with her feet so they got replaced too.  Eventually I got to this lady:

When re-jigging her pose I thought I might try moving the left arm away from the cone, spreading it out a little more into a girly 1950's pin-up pose.  I went through three different arm designs for the left arm, eventually winding back round to having her arm in the same place it was originally.  Sometimes things are better left alone, I guess!

And so began the colour process!  Gareth sent me this picture as reference and asked for a generalised colour palette based on the image.  I really liked the soft pinks and lilacs so used these as the basis for my girl.

So this is she in all her colourful glory:

The above picture is just flat colour, straight out of Photoshop, whilst the one below has a subtle layer of texture added to it to give it a slightly more authentic 1950's ad feel.